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Are you a fitness enthusiast or high performance athlete seeking to optimize your health and performance? Look no further! At eNRG Performance, we're dedicated to empowering athletes like you with state-of-the-art testing services and protocols tailored specifically for optimizing health, performance nutrition and athletic excellence.

Our Expertise:

At eNRG Performance, we boast a team of renowned sport dietitians, exercise physiologists and endurance coaches who are passionate about helping athletes reach their maximum potential. With years of experience in the industry, our experts understand the importance of personalized nutrition, testing, coaching and training plans, ensuring you gain a competitive edge in your discipline.

What Sets Us Apart:

  1. Metabolic Efficiency Testing: Say goodbye to the guesswork! Our cutting-edge metabolic efficiency testing methods provide comprehensive insights into your body's unique metabolic response during exercise. From determining your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) to analyzing substrate utilization throughout different intensities of exercise, we create a custom roadmap based on your physiology that aligns your nutrition with your athletic goals.

  2. Personalized Nutrition Strategies: No two athletes are the same, which is why we tailor our nutrition strategies to fit your individual needs. Our metabolic efficiency testing data enables us to create a personalized nutrition plan that optimizes energy utilization, enhances recovery and maximizes performance gains.

  3. Continuous Progress Monitoring: We believe in progress and our relationship with you doesn't end after your initial testing. We offer ongoing monitoring appointments and support to track your advancements and make necessary adjustments to ensure consistent growth in your health and performance.

  4. Holistic Approach to Athletic Success: Our mission is to elevate not only your athletic performance but also your overall well-being. We consider factors beyond nutrition and exercise, such as sleep, stress management, age, gender, and recovery, to ensure you achieve a sustainable and balanced approach to success.

Are you ready to push boundaries, surpass limitations, and achieve greatness? Get started on your journey to athletic excellence with eNRG Performance.

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Metabolic Efficiency Testing

Metabolic Efficiency Testing is a sub-maximal nutrition assessment that can validate if your daily nutrition plan is supporting your body's ability to burn more fat and at the same time, preserve its precious carbohydrate stores. This test is ideal to support optimal health, longevity and athletic performance.

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VO2 Max Testing

VO2max testing has emerged as being one of the strongest predictors of a longer life span. It's a measure of how well your heart is working and how well it functions under stress.

Knowing your VO2max  provides you a current status of your fitness level and how well your heart is functioning. It also serves as a baseline measurement for monitoring changes over time. 

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InsideTracker Blood Testing

Your biomarkers tells the story of your health. InsideTracker goes beyond identifying generic, “clinically normal” ranges to unveil your body’s unique, optimal biomarker zones. You will discover your optimal levels of nutrients and where you need to improve.

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Adrenal Stress Testing

Adrenal stress testing is a test that evaluates how well your adrenal glands are functioning. It involves collecting four samples of saliva at key times throughout the day to measure levels of the hormones that help your body respond to stress: cortisol and DHEA. The results helps you dial in your nutrition plan to support optimal health, performance and recovery.

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Omega 3 Index

The Omega-3 Index test assesses the critical balance between essential Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. The results will tell you if you need to make daily nutrition changes and if supplementation is necessary. 

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Genomics Testing

Genomic testing provides you a better understanding of your genetic blueprint, providing the scientific data and analytical information needed to develop a precise, individualized DNA based daily nutrition plan to improve health, longevity and athletic performance.




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Weight Management Hormone Imbalance Test

Hormones are key players in regulating weight, metabolism, blood sugar, insulin and when and where the body stores fat. As we age, shifting hormones trigger numerous symptoms of imbalance – including unexplained weight gain.

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Sweat Sodium Concentration Testing

Sweat sodium concentration testing is used to measure the exact amount of sodium you lose in your sweat. By understanding this, we can help you customize your hydration strategies and electrolyte intake to enhance your endurance, recovery and overall athletic performance.

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